Web Business

Web Strategy

In the Web business, we realize your mid- to long-term Web strategies and concepts.
We have experience in multilingual website production, web service development, system design, and application development, etc. Our web business can be used as an in-house web department on the premise of a long-term relationship, not as a one-time project. As an organization, we will update the web functions and new development by setting up a scheme without skill overload and without hiring our own engineers.

Solve your web-related problems!

Web Services

Web Site Creation

Your website is the first impression of your company.
Is your company's website smartphone compatible? Is your news updated frequently? Is your contact form secured? Are you analyzing data on your website?
Your website is now a sales tool. We propose a web strategy to increase inquiries and attract customers from the conventional direct sales model to the web.


Considering the size of the Japanese market and the factors of a declining population, super-aging society, and economic recession caused by the coronavirus, a cross-border e-commerce site for domestic and international markets will play an important role as a mid- to long-term strategy.
Or, despite having great products, they do not sell them on the Web or are dependent on Amazon sales. Having your own e-commerce site can be of great value in your mid- to long-term strategy. We build EC sites in English, French, German, and Chinese (simplified), and create a structure that allows customized analysis of user data in the DB. Our BPO business handles all the troublesome tasks such as handling multilingual inquiries, updating the site, and multilingual translation.

system development

We are receiving an increasing number of requests for remote system development after March 2020, including business management systems between headquarters and branches in Japan and overseas, system development related to imports and exports to Japan, France, and the EU, system development specializing in online business, and application development for smart phones.
Many of the data and related tasks that are currently managed with Excel and other software can be automated, allowing you to effectively use your valuable working hours for other things.
Please contact us if you have any inconvenience, improvement points, requests, necessary data extraction items, or other system concepts that you are sure to encounter in your office work.

Operational Support

We keep web services up-to-date and avoid web troubles such as adding functions and server maintenance. In addition, in conjunction with our BPO business, we can update websites, modify and process photos, and translate into multiple languages (English, French, German, etc.) on your behalf.
In addition, we will handle all other operations related to cross-border e-commerce site management in multiple languages (English, French, etc.), including telephone, email, and chat support, basically everything except shipping from Japan. The BPO business will operate everything.

Web Production Agile Method - For EC Site

We use the agile method to share your company's mid- to long-term web strategy and update it step by step.
This allows for quick turnaround and low budgets.


Your company's Web strategy is directly linked to your corporate strategy, so we design it based on an understanding of your medium- to long-term vision.

1. Hearing

Please feel free to contact us using the dedicated form, and we will hear the details of your web strategy, medium- to long-term vision , policies, background, issues, budget, and structure.

2. Detailed design

Based on requirement definition and strategic plan, specific tactic formulation, implementation plan, specification design, and basic design design for execution and work level design in online tool.

3. Planning

Based on the interview information, we define the requirements and formulate a strategy for the site after analyzing the current situation and competition.
In this phase, we set clear objectives, targets, and goals, and formulate strategies to achieve these goals from various angles, and create a contract and requirements definition document.

4. Contract

If there are no problems with the contents of the quotation and requirement definition, the contract is signed and the client pays a 30% initiation fee, 30% in the interim, and 40% at the time of delivery.

5. Creation

We will start production when we receive your deposit.
We may ask you some questions about your current data structure and necessary data extraction, such as DB design, etc.

6. Design design, system design and construction

We will design the website according to the requirements definition, including CMS design, DB design, etc. After explaining and understanding the future work and delivery schedule, we will ask for 30% of the interim payment.
Estimated production time:
・Website creation: minimum 1.5 months ~
・E-cross-border EC site creation: minimum 1.5 months ~
・System/application development: minimum 2 months ~


7. Alpha and beta debugging

Bugs will always occur, especially in web and system development. At this stage, we thoroughly fix the bugs and make adjustments for the release of the beta version.

8. Delivery and release to the public

Upon confirmation, the product will be delivered and officially released. The remaining 40% will be transferred at this stage.

9. Operational support


10. Update and additional development

We use an agile method, which allows us to update and develop additional functions as needed according to the strategy of the web business.
Our organization backs up our in-house engineers without labor cost or over-skill concerns.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Web.