About us

Company name: SWAPSSS Corporation
Trade name in French: SWAPSSS S.A.S

address (e.g. of house)

15 Boulevard Daviers 49100
Angers France


+33(0)9 77 71 08 64

Established: July 2019
Capital: 10,000 EUR
Representative Director: Tatsuya Baba
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Marketplace Business
Overseas Market Entry Support Business
BPO Business
Web Business

public institution

Sapporo Industrial Promotion Foundation "Overseas Business Development Project" in FY2024 / Supporting Partner Companies
・Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation "EC Utilization Support" in FY2024 / Partner Companies
Sendai City Overseas Business Development Promotion Project in 2024 / Partner Company

・Small and Medium Enterprises Organization / Small and Medium Enterprise Advisor (New Sales Channel Development)
・Gifu Industrial Economy Promotion Center / Overseas Business Development Advisor
・Japan Leather Industry Association / Overseas Business Development Advisor for the European Market