Overseas expansion support business

Overseas Expansion Strategy

With a competitive advantage of being headquartered in France and a local network of Swapsss, we provide comprehensive support for overseas expansion, including international exhibitions, interpretation, market research, business plans, roadmap preparation, subsidy applications, and sales channel development.

In addition, please be assured that our online assistants will provide comprehensive support for overseas business in cooperation with our BPO business for recruiting, general affairs, accounting, miscellaneous and general affairs tasks related to the establishment and operation of branch offices.

Business Areas

In the Overseas Business Support Business, we specialize in the European market, particularly the French and German markets.
We also provide support for companies from Europe that are considering expanding into the Japanese market.






If you are considering a full-fledged overseas expansion into France and Germany, we can help you develop a business strategy
We have developed strategies for the expansion of traditional Japanese crafts into France, developed a franchise for the French and German markets
developed an operation system, and held online seminars for France and Germany.

Support as your company's overseas business unit

Do you have a plan for after the business meeting at the exhibition/trade fair? Does the company or government agency you have requested provide ongoing support?
Do you not have the resources in your company to be familiar with overseas transactions, or despite an increase in workload, costs are too high to make a profit, or
you are having a hard time responding to inquiries in other languages, are unfamiliar with replying to e-mails in other languages, or your normal work is being interfered with?

It is important to establish a clear scheme for business negotiations, shipping, and response to inquiries.
Please be assured that we will continue to provide support through our BPO business even after business negotiations have been concluded.

If you are interested in expanding overseas to France, Germany, or Japan, please feel free to contact us!