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Mysterious traditional culture lying dormant in the Aizu region Kitakata dyed paper "Aizugata" "AIZUGATA×Graphics" is a project to commercialize attractive designs of Kitakata dyed paper "Aizugata" lying dormant in the Aizu region, Fukushima Prefecture, arranged in the modern age. Style.


aluna" will continue to create "products of sincerity" delivered with all our hearts so that people can enjoy the "pleasure of decorating" in the future.


Artisan" products are made in Tsubame City, a nationally renowned manufacturing town. Its history dates back to the Edo period, and many craftsmen still live in this town. Tsubame City excels in stainless steel processing technology, mainly for metal tableware, and is recognized worldwide for its high level of technology. The most notable features of Tsubame's products are the precision of the workmanship and, above all, the tactile qualities of the products. Made in Tsubame" products not only have the beauty of a work of art, but also reflect the craftsman's desire for "everyday use.

Feuille De Cocoon

Yoshimasa Co., Ltd. has been designing, manufacturing, and wholesaling scarves and shawls in Yokohama since its establishment in 1995. As Japan moved from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period, Yokohama began exporting raw silk. During the Showa period (1926-1989), the export of scarves flourished, and at its peak in 1976, it was said that half of the world's scarves were made in Yokohama, contributing greatly to the development of the Japanese industry, but as fashion changed, the former glory began to fade into the background. We are one of the few companies in Yokohama that continue to carry on the tradition of the scarf industry.


The natural yeast unique to persimmon draws out its natural fermentation power, and by fermenting it over time, the rich nutritional components of persimmon are carefully extracted into vinegar. By doing so, the result is persimmon vinegar with a natural taste, aroma, and acidity unique to that year, just like wine or brandy, depending on the characteristics of the persimmon harvested that year. Facing the power and function of nature, we deliver our carefully cultivated persimmon vinegar to the world with the thought of a healthy and delicious diet.


Since our establishment in 1989, we have continued to grow under the guidance of our customers. Our core business is the manufacture of precision machine parts, and we plan, propose, and manufacture machine tool parts, specialized machine parts, and parts for the aircraft industry. We have introduced state-of-the-art machinery and have gained the support of our customers.


We are a company that manufactures and sells our own products. All items feature a round tip processAdvanced round tip allows even those with sensitivity to use without discomfort and is even gentler on the teeth and gums. Comfort for children has been doubled.