Overseas Support Business

Why the customers choose us!

It takes a lot of time to work in different cultures, such as signing contracts with lawyers and accountants who can be trusted to provide various documents in different languages.
We support companies from test marketing to office agency services.

Please leave it to us to perform office work on behalf of our overseas branches.

Complex labor contracts, such as local hiring and finding human resources, and cost reduction are possible.

Event planning and management

We provide full support for your business in opening overseas stores.
We will set your company and your goals and make them concrete.
We can take care of everything from event planning, transportation and installation, securing personnel, PR, hotel and transportation arrangements.

Grants and subsidies

We will quantify the results of the event and prepare applications for grants and subsidies on your behalf.
We can organize information on various grants and subsidies and propose effective content.

Field research

Market research (distribution research, industry analysis) – corporate research (competitor analysis, benchmarking, synergy verification of business alliances and corporate M&A) and other human resource searches (headhunting candidate research and approaches)

Company establishment agency

We provide support for the establishment of overseas branches, including the preparation of various documents and applications, as well as the opening of lawyers, accountants and bank accounts.
In addition, we will collaborate with real estate agents, such as office surveys, to propose the best location.

Office Operations

As a synergistic effect with the BPO business, we perform office work on behalf of the branch office. They have a hard time finding local employment due to differences in the working environment.
We handle inquiries and general affairs on behalf of our clients in multiple languages.

Secretarial Services

At launch, it’s a struggle to recruit qualified people.
We provide relocation services on behalf of our clients including schedule management, appointment coordination, arrangement of business travelers from Japan, and interpretation.

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Please feel free to contact our sales staff to discuss the introduction of this service.

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